Useful links

Business Start-Up ressources

The following links are provided for informational purposes only.

Arrow Alias Entrepreneurs - tips, video clips, advices, tools, networking (in French)

Arrow Info Entrepreneurs - advices, business intelligence, financing

Arrow Jurifax - legal documents, confidentialy agreement, licensing contract, etc.

Innovation Program - Quebec Government - Ministère Économique et Innovation

Ministère Économie et Innovation Gouvernement du Québec

Arrow for SMEs operating in Québec

Arrow for a first patent or industrial design application

Arrow contribution of 30% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $ 50,000

Arrow official website of the program (in French)


National and International Patent Offices around the world

Arrow Canada: OPIC - CIPO

Arrow United States: USPTO

Arrow United Kingdom: UK-IPO

Arrow France: INPI

Arrow European Patent Office:

Arrow World Intellectual Property Organization:

Arrow All national patent offices

Prototyping, testing and fabrication resources

The following links are provided for informational purposes only.

Arrow GENIAdesign - ideation, product design, graphics and packaging.

Arrow Fablab - 3D printing, small series production, competitive prices

Arrow Métal CN - laser cutting, bending and welding of sheet metal

Arrow NADesign - logo design and website creation

Arrow CRIQ - R&D, tests, compliance, support for dev. of products

Arrow PDI - IDP - Product Development Institute

Free patent search tools available online

Arrow Google Patents

Arrow Espacenet

Arrow OPIC - Canadians patents

Arrow USPTO - American patents

Arrow OMPI-WIPO - International patents (PCT)

Note: Invention Québec uses the professional search tool Derwent Innovation for patent agents.