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How can you know if an invention or innovation is already patented?

November 1st, 2023

In the world of innovation, one of the most frequently asked questions by inventors is, “Is my invention already patented?”. Taking the time to understand this process is crucial as it prevents you from spending time and energy on an invention that might already be protected. . Drawing on its many years in the field of intellectual property, Invention Québec offers advice on exploring this question.

Find out if your invention is already patented

Before embarking on the journey of protecting an invention, it’s essential to check if it has already been patented. A complete review is necessary, consulting several patent databases, such as the database of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). By entering keywords specific to your invention, you can determine if similar concepts have already been filed or initiated.

However, if during the search, there appear to be patents like your invention, it’s vital not to get disheartened too quickly. Patents are designed to protect very specific aspects of an invention. So, even if an invention seems similar on the surface, it’s the function that’s patentable. This means your invention might have unique details or features that make it eligible for patent protection. A thorough analysis, ideally conducted with the help of professionals, will precisely determine where your invention stands in the landscape of existing patents.

Invention Québec: your intellectual property partner

Given the vast amount of information available and the complexity of terminologies, the search can quickly become overwhelming. This is where companies like Invention Québec offer intellectual property support. At Invention Québec, we conduct international patent searches, followed by sending a written patent search report to inventors, along with copies of the patents found and discussed in the report. If you have questions about your patent search report, you can call us and get answers from our resource who conducted the patent search and wrote the report, at no cost. Moreover, in drafting a research report, based on the patents found that are similar or identical, our experts can offer you sound advice to strengthen your invention to obtain protection deemed less obvious and pertinent by someone moderately skilled in the field (such as a potential patent examiner during your official filing).

Indeed, knowing if an invention is already patented is a crucial step in every inventor’s journey, and we are perfectly equipped to guide you at every stage, from preliminary research to patent application. With a client-focused approach, Invention Québec has established itself as the primary ally for inventors in Québec. Each mandate is handled with the strictest confidentiality, thus ensuring our clients’ security and peace of mind. With our experts’ help, you can navigate this process with confidence and assurance, ensuring your invention is protected and ready to make its mark in the world.


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