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SMEs and independent inventors benefit from our expertise in intellectual property, particularly in the areas of prior art research, the preparation, filing and maintenance of patents on advanced technologies. Below are examples of this expertise.

Medical field

  • Electrosurgical catheter
  • Mitral Valve Prosthesis
  • Acetabular reamer
  • Intraocular lens
  • Dermo-jet injector
  • Femoral bracelet
  • Sample spectroscopic encoding method
  • Cervical maturation device

Computers and networking

  • Method of manufacturing optical fibre
  • Laser fiber optic junction method
  • Fiber optic connector
  • Device selector

Production line and process

  • Encapsulator station
  • Servo Driven Conveyor
  • Variable head for blender
  • Metal beam management system
  • Mine Water Discharge Treatment Process

Mining and forestry

  • Sound damper for drilling equipment
  • Drill bit
  • Explosive handling device
  • Hydraulic Crane Spreader
  • Trench Digger
  • Oil flow regulator for drill tube

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