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Invention Québec offers support services to SMEs for obtaining patents in several fields. Here are some examples.

July 4th, 2024

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as independent inventors in Quebec, have invaluable support to protect their innovations through Invention Québec’s expertise in intellectual property. We provide comprehensive assistance covering prior art searches, preparation, filing, and maintenance of patents for cutting-edge technologies in both Quebec and Canada. Here are some examples illustrating our expertise for SMEs in various technological fields.


Medical Field :

With Invention Québec’s assistance, several companies have patented specialized catheters, enhancing the precision and efficiency of surgical interventions. Advances in cardiology are also protected through our patenting services for SMEs in Quebec and Canada, ensuring that new mitral valve prostheses remain under the ownership of their inventors. Invention Québec also aids developers of orthopedic instruments, such as those who created acetabular reamers. Innovations in ophthalmology, such as intraocular lenses, benefit from our expertise in navigating the complexities of patent filing. In dermatology, Dermojet injectors are rigorously patented by Invention Québec to protect their unique methods of drug administration.


Contact Invention Québec today to protect your innovations and ensure the future of your inventions with Invention Québec.


Computers and Networking :

In the telecommunications field, Invention Québec assists companies in patenting their creations, such as innovative methods for manufacturing optical fibers, methods for laser fiber optic splicing, optical fiber connectors, and device selectors. At Invention Québec, we help secure innovations in computer peripheral management, essential for system efficiency.


If you need assistance with the various stages of obtaining patents for your SME’s inventions, contact Invention Québec now to be guided through the process.


Mining and Forestry :

Invention Québec also supports SMEs specializing in mining and forestry. We have helped SMEs obtain patents for noise reduction technologies in drilling. Invention Québec assists companies in securing their innovations in drilling equipment, crucial for efficiency and safety, ensuring comprehensive intellectual property research, particularly in prior art searches, preparation, filing, and maintenance of patents. Invention Québec also help SMEs operating in mining and forestry by obtaining patents for their technological innovations in Quebec and Canada. These innovations range from hydraulic pruners on cranes, trench diggers, to flow regulators for drilling tubes.


At Invention Québec, we guide you through our expertise in intellectual property, covering prior art searches, preparation, filing, and maintenance of patents for advanced technologies in Quebec and Canada.


Our goal at Invention Québec is to provide Quebec SMEs and inventors with the necessary tools to protect and valorize their innovations, ensuring their success and growth in a competitive market, thanks to their ingenuity that has enabled them to create cutting-edge technologies in Quebec and Canada. Contact Invention Québec now and get a free consultation!



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