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Our Inventors: Introducing Jonathan Beaudry!

April 25th, 2023

Our team would like to take the time to introduce one of our inventors, Jonathan Beaudry, who has won two competitions for his invention. Patents have been filed in Canada and the United States with the help of our experts at Invention Quebec. In this article, you will discover a passionate, persevering, and hardworking individual, as well as his company Kyou-See Inc., which he co-founded with his collaborator Éric Beaudry-Flamand.

Where did the idea come from?

Jonathan Beaudry has been a window cleaner for over 7 years and has identified various shortcomings in the industry, leading him to found his company Kyou-See Inc. This company aims to meet people’s needs by offering versatile and durable tools that can help in the window cleaning industry. At Kyou-See Inc., Jonathan Beaudry and his team plan to design a variety of tools that can be used in various circumstances that previously required a lot of effort.

The conception

After 4 years of preparation and learning in the field of entrepreneurship, Jonathan Beaudry and his team developed their first product, the revolutionary Kyou-See window squeegee. Designed by a professional in the industry, this product meets a great need for improvement in the window cleaning field. Jonathan Beaudry assures that the idea for this next-generation squeegee came to him without hesitation and from personal experience. Whether you are simply a clean freak at home or a professional in the trade, Kyou-See Inc. has meticulously designed and manufactured this tool with the goal of achieving better ergonomics, flexibility, and ease of use. The squeegee was designed by and for the person who seeks unparalleled perfection. Kyou-See Inc. aims to become the reference in Quebec for anyone who wants to clean their windows with care and safety.

Crowdfunding Campaign

In September 2022, the Kyou-See Inc. team launched a crowdfunding campaign and raised $10,000 in just a few weeks! This is why one should never underestimate the power of a community that supports each other. Jonathan is very grateful to everyone who takes the time to invest in innovation and local entrepreneurship, as this contributes to the future and development of our society ! For more details on different ways to obtain funding, click here : How to obtain funding for your project?

Winner of Two Competitions

In recognition of technological and technical innovation, Kyou-See Inc. won the Category Winners award on April 6, 2023. The team was also thrilled to learn that they were selected for the Grand Prix of the City of Quebec, a great honor that made them feel supported.

Finally, Jonathan Beaudry’s story, the founder of Kyou-See Inc., highlights the importance of taking risks in the field of invention. After years of hard work and learning, Jonathan created a revolutionary window squeegee, and despite the challenges he faced along the way, he succeeded in making his idea a reality. Contact Invention Quebec to take advantage of our expertise, who knows, you could be the next inventor to change the world!


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