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March 14th, 2023

For over 50 years, Invention Quebec has been providing inventors and SMEs with the expertise of its team for the preparation, filing, and obtaining of provisional patents, patents, designs, industrial designs, trademarks, and copyrights, both nationally and internationally We offer affordable intellectual property services that are recognized for their quality and professionalism in Canada. It is thanks to the trust of inventors and over 10,500 cases processed to date that Invention Quebec can offer you the best prices and services available.

We are a dedicated intellectual property team serving Quebec and Canada. We offer design and industrial design services for your inventions, as well as support services for the creation of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Additionally, we provide assistance services for inventors and SMEs.

Designs and Industrial Designs

Designs allow you to protect the shape of your product while industrial designs prevent competitors from copying your design A registered industrial design could also be an interesting investment for you since it could attract potential investors. It is in fact an essential asset, just like tangible assets. As an intellectual property owner, you can grant licences, sell, or use the rights as collateral for a loan. If you think your invention idea requires an industrial design, don’t hesitate to contact professionals in the field. To learn more, check out our article: What is an Industrial Design Used For?

Support Services

Whether you need support for a patent to protect your inventiona trademark to protect your brand to protect your brand name and logoor a copyright to protect your board gameInvention Quebec’s team of experts can guide you through the invention process.

SME Services

SMEs and independent inventors benefit from our expertise in intellectual property, particularly in the areas of prior art search, preparation, filing, and maintenance of patents for advanced technologies We specialize in fields such as medical, computers and networking, production chain and process, mining, and forestry, among others. To see the full list, check out our SME services

By entrusting your intellectual property to our specialized team, you can be assured that your inventions are protected by experts in the field, allowing you to focus on developing your business. Any mandate regarding intellectual property that you entrust to us is handled under a confidentiality agreement by our team of independent professionals, including accredited patent agents, OIQ member engineers, researchers, and experienced professional drafters in the field of intellectual property. Invention Quebec has negotiated agreements with them to offer you the best prices for their services.


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