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Who can apply for a patent?

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Who can apply for a patent?

June 4th, 2022

Do you feel like you’ve had the idea of ​​the century for a product or service that will revolutionize people’s lives and are you wondering about patents? Indeed, it is a complex field and several steps must be taken before obtaining a patent for your invention. But who can apply for a patent? The following article will try to give you information on the subject in order to allow you to go from the idea to its realization.

What is a patent?

A patent grants a person exclusive property rights to an invention or to improvements made to an existing invention in the industrial or scientific field. The patent protects the property right of this person, which means that the invention cannot be used or sold by anyone other than the person holding the patent for a period of 20 years from the date of submission of the request. A patent can be granted for different things such as a product, a composition, an apparatus, a process, an improvement to any of the above. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is primarily responsible for administering and processing patent applications. Patenting an invention can take many years. The help of a professional patent agent could be a must.

Why do business with a patent agent?

A patent agent is a professional who assists companies or inventors in obtaining intellectual property title in order to legally protect an invention. A good licensed patent agent will be able to quickly make connections between scientific or technological knowledge and the innovations that are presented by the inventor or the company. The patent agent is the only person who can deal with the Patent Office, but they are also the best person to help you define your intellectual property. In addition to filing the application, he assists you in developing the necessary budget to protect and enforce your intellectual property, not only in Canada, but everywhere on the planet. Indeed, patent agents most of the time have the necessary contacts all over the world to carry out the entire intellectual property verification process.

It is very often difficult to know in what order each of the steps of a patent application must be made and it is exactly to guide you in this complex universe that the certified patent agent is there. Do not hesitate to inform yourself about the different types of intellectual property. Making an appointment with a licensed patent attorney as early in the process as possible can only help you follow the steps in order with as little time wasted as possible. If you have an idea, pick up the phone and contact a professional. This is the best way to be protected and to move from an idea to action.


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