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Why use a registered patent agent?

December 8th, 2021

Intellectual property and patents can seem like a very complex concept to the uninitiated, but fortunately there are resources to help you. The following blog post will attempt to explain why it is a good idea to deal with a registered patent agent.

What is a registered patent agent?

A patent agent is a professional who assists companies or inventors in obtaining an intellectual property title in order to legally protect an invention. To do so, he will first evaluate the patentability of the invention. Then he will write a detailed description that will be sent to the Patent Office which will be in charge of issuing or not the title of property. Only registered patent agents can represent an inventor or a company before the Patent Office. To be a licensed patent agent, the person must have at least 24 months of experience under the supervision of a licensed patent agent before being able to take the federal examination. Usually, the person will have a technical or legal background as firms are often looking for candidates who will be able to understand the technical language of the inventor and translate it into legal terms. The examination that is taken by the candidate consists of four tests : drafting a patent application, preparing a validity opinion, negotiating with the Patent Office and an infringement opinion.

Qualities of a registered patent agent

A good registered patent agent will be able to quickly make connections between scientific or technological knowledge and the innovations that are proposed by the inventor or the company. This requires a scientific mind and a highly developed curiosity. It is an intense intellectual work that requires patience and meticulousness.

Why deal with a registered patent agent

As explained earlier, a patent agent is the only one who can deal with the Patent Office, but he is also the person of choice to help you define your intellectual property. In addition to filing the application, he will be able to assist you in establishing the budget required to protect and enforce your intellectual property, not only in Canada, but all over the world, since patent agents usually have several contacts around the world. He is also a reference for advice on the appropriate use of intellectual property and in the maintenance of rights, licenses, assignments, etc.

he world of intellectual property can be difficult to navigate. So you can start learning about the different types of intellectual property today. Meeting and discussing with a licensed patent agent will also make the whole process clearer and help you get the most out of your intellectual property. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact these professionals. The protection of your inventions is at stake.



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